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How often has it happened in your professional career where you felt that you knew something but when —

  • you had to explain it to someone or
  • you came across an interesting blog post about it

you patiently told yourself — “No, I actually did not know it .”

If you are a JavaScript developer then there’s a 100% chance this happened to you regarding the keyword.

Because as they say —

There are only 2 things that are hard in JavaScript — and everything else.

If you are new to JavaScript and landed here to understand how…

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There are many ways in which we classify programming languages. The programming paradigm is one such way that classifies languages based on their features. Let’s discuss a few paradigms that relate to the current topic in discussion.

Imperative is where a programmer instructs a machine how to change its state. Procedural and Object-Oriented are both derived from imperative programming.

Declarative is where the programmer merely declares properties of the result and nothing about how to compute it. Functional programming (FP) falls under the declarative programming paradigm. …

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I’m an Engineering graduate in Information Technology from Savitribai Phule Pune University, (then University of Pune) Maharashtra, India. The 4 years curriculum of Engineering course (2006-2010), hardly scratched the surface when it came to web development. Every student primarily cared either about Java or .Net.

I started my professional career with Persistent Systems Ltd. on 14th of July 2010 and I’ll always be grateful for that. When joined as a fresher (along with around 300 others) we weren’t given a choice to select what technology we would like to work on and I was asked to join a QA team…

Note: The views are highly opinionated.

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Before we jump into the topic — some philosophy (have been reading Naval Ravikant recently 😀 and needless to say it’s the best thing that has happened).

Whom do you review code for?

  • Author — of the PR?
  • Yourself — I mean 💰 since it is part of your job?
  • Project — you are working on?
  • Firm — you work in?

IMO, we should review PRs for our colleagues and more importantly future ones who might have to maintain the code after we are long gone. We all know, code is written once and maintained forever. …

Current Web Development situation.

This is current situation of web development. Let us try to understand why have we landed up in such a complicated situation.

Initially it was all www. But then as the number of mobile users increased drastically things changed.

We have been using setInterval to manage all JavaScript animations.

setInterval (performAnimation, 100);

Here 100 is quite a tricky magical number. It is very difficult to come with this number (delay). It needs to be short enough so that the animations are smooth but long enough to produce changes which browser can render.

An interesting fact to consider here is most monitors refresh screen at the rate of 60Hz i.e. 60 times per second which means 60 FPS (frames per second). Thus, the best interval for animation turns out to be 17ms (1000ms/60).

To create a smooth animation one needs…

Have you ever happened to use rather play with position property? If the answer is YES, you must have understood the use of the word ‘play’ in the previous sentence.

You must have seen element(s) dancing in the window or playing hide-n-seek, as you change the values of position property from relative to absolute,absolute to fixed and so on, in dev-tools.

In order to enjoy the dance of these elements or play hide-n-seek with them, you need to know some of the basics of dancing or the rules of hide-n-seek.

Let’s dive into the details.

Before we begin, an important…

Niranjan Borawake

A problem solver | 10+ years of experience in designing and building web apps and UI component libraries | Loves playing Carom | Netflix addict

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